WHO we are

At RZG Construction, we believe in building solid foundations for the future of New Zealand. We combine engineering and civil construction expertise to deliver today’s projects that secure the future of our communities, town, and cities.

We connect engineering, construction, and technology at every stage of project delivery. Always looking to the horizon, we continuously seek to drive innovation and lead the construction industry toward a more responsive future.

Future-focused construction

Collaboration and communication are fundamental to our approach. Flexible and forward-thinking, we navigate complex challenges to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients.

We build solid partnerships with our clients and stakeholders. These relationships enable us to work together toward common goals, and to deliver the building-blocks of the future.

We may boast a growing resume of delivering complex projects across the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland, but what really drives us is looking to the future and asking ‘what’s next?

innovative and responsive

The construction industry is constantly changing, and we’re at the forefront of leveraging the latest technology and best practices to add value for our clients.

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Procure project management software to enable us to deliver projects more efficiently and effectively.


RZG Constructions’s leadership team delivers combined experience in civil engineering, construction management, and project delivery. Our ability to connect engineering and civil construction at every stage of the project, from planning to delivery, sets up apart. We have the right experience, skills and expertise to deliver the highest quality civil construction projects.

our team

Ryan Fowles

Managing Director

Ryan Fowles -

Managing Director

B.E (Hons) – Civil

Director Ryan Fowles established RZG Construction in 2016, alongside co-founder and director Ross Edens.

Ryan is a skilled and experienced project manager, estimator and director, with more than 15 years’ civil construction experience in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ryan co-founded RZG Construction with a vision to elevate the delivery of civil construction projects in New Zealand, combining engineering, innovation and project excellence to deliver the best client outcomes.

As well as leading the team and driving the growth of RZG Construction, Ryan takes an active role in project delivery, with a focus on programming, financial forecasting, reporting, and health and safety.

Ryan’s leadership, experience, and visionary approach has enabled the company to grow from two employees to more than 30, delivering multiple high-profile projects across the Bay of Plenty.

Ross Edens


Ross Edens -


B.E (Hons) – Civil, MENGNZ, MInstD

Director Ross Edens established RZG Construction in 2016, alongside co-founder and director Ryan Fowles.

Ross leads project management at RZG Construction, working closely with clients, stakeholders, project managers and engineers to ensure success.

Ross brings a wealth of experience in project management, project engineering, contract management, methodologies, financial planning, and health and safety, gained through over 15 years in senior roles in New Zealand and Australia.

Finding ways to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of projects while improving commercial success, is what drives Ross in his role as director.

Ross’s innovation mindset and commercial acumen has enabled the company to grow  successfully and sustainably, delivering critical infrastructure projects across the Bay of Plenty.

Jason Anderson

Operations Manager

Jason Anderson -

Operations Manager

Jason is an experienced Licensed Building Practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience managing construction operations.

Jason brings strong capabilities in people management, health and safety, resource planning, programme management, scoping and estimation, cost reporting, and risk management.

Navigating challenges, solving problems, and bringing the right people together to achieve success are the key objectives that drive Jason’s work.

Jason’s excellent track record for delivery is founded in his knowledge of the construction sector, his ability to manage risk, and his dedication to delivering quality projects for clients.

Mark Derksen

Systems Manager

Mark Derksen -

Systems Manager

B.E (Hons), MENGNZ

Mark is an experienced project manager, with a wealth of experience in infrastructure civil engineering projects in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

With a background in infrastructure design, Mark combines his technical expertise with hands-on project experience to deliver the best outcomes for clients.

Communication, relationships, and project excellence are central to Mark’s approach. He builds great relationships at every step, which lead to better performance, quality, and outcomes.

Mark has an excellent track record in health and safety, with a focus on creating safe work environments through a culture of communication, accountability and continuous improvement.

is there a challenging project
on your horizon? Let's talk
about how we can help.

is there a challenging project on your horizon? Let's talk about how
we can help.


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